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Icon of Saint Patapios – S312

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Saint Patapios was born in Thebes, Egypt in a.d 380.  He was very bright and learned science, philosophy, mathematics, rhetoric, and theology in Alexandria.  He returned to Thebes where he learned that his father had died, and then went off into the desert to live as a monk, fleeing the vanities of this world.  After years of having trouble finding peace in the desert, Saint Patapios traveled by ship towards Constantinople in a.d. 428, but went instead to Corinth in Greece with a disciple where they settled for 7 years.

In a.d. 435 they continued their journey toward Constantinople where they settled, unknown to all, in cells in the city walls near the famous church dedicated to the Theotokos at Blachernae.  Although Saint Patapios desired obscurity, God did not leave this bright light under the bushel, but by manifest miracles, he was seen to have the power of wonder-working and many came to him.  After many more years of blessed life, Saint Patapios went to the Lord at the age of 83 in a.d. 463.  He was buried in Constantinople, but a thousand years later his relics were taken back to the cave in Corinth as he had desired, and work many wonders even today.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


St. Patapios Monastery, Loutraki, Greece


20th c. (Late)