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Icon of Saint Jonah of Manchuria – S419

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Saint Jonah (1888-1925) was orphaned at eight, then raised by the village deacon in Kaluga, Russia.  He went to seminary and was tonsured a monk, entering the Optina Pustyn Monastery, where he was formed by Elders Joseph and Anatoly.  Because of his great skills, he was given a teaching position at the Kazan Theological Academy where he stayed until the Russian Revolution forced him to leave in 1918.  The Communists beat him, imprisoned him, and then exiled him to Peking, China, where by God’s Providence, he was consecrated the Bishop of Manchuria.

In just three years of ardent service, Saint Jonah transformed the lives of thousands.  He built an orphanage, a school, and saw to the medical and food needs of hundreds of poor each day.  He established a library for their spiritual edification there in Manchuria (present day Manchuli).  Falling ill from typhoid fever after personally treating a priest-monk who died of the same illness, and knowing that his own death was at hand, he received confession, Holy Communion, and began the prayers for the departure of his soul.  He healed a crippled boy the evening of his death.

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Church Feast Day 1



Egg Tempera


20th c. (Late)


Gamanovich, Archbishop Alypy