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Icon of the Resurrection (Stroganov) – F80

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The Stroganov’s were a powerful and rich Russian family of merchants, industrialists, and landowners during the 16th to 20th centuries.  They were also patrons of the arts and collectors of many fine arts including many finely made Russian icons, mostly from then famous Moscow icon painters, especially known for fine details, small sizes, and a refined palette of colors.  This icon was painted about 1700.

Christ is shown here risen from the dead and His sepulcher with bright golden robes, while Saint Peter is bowing over the now empty tomb.  On the bottom left are the sprung open jaws of death of the monster of Hades, allowing the Old Testament Righteous, Kings, Prophets, men, and women come out climbing up now towards the Gates of Heaven, led by the Good Thief Dismas.  They pass the red-flamed Cherubim, and then are welcomed by Elijah and Enoch who had not died yet, but were taken by God another way from Earth.  Saturdays since the Resurrection have been celebrated as the day of the Resurrection of the dead, and so continue to be honored in the New Testament Church.   

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18th c. (Early)