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Icons of the Panagia Enthroned & Christ Enthroned – T13 & J15

Icons are made by monks. Icons in stock can ship in 24 hours. Icons on backorder may take a few weeks, because all icons are made here. 82% of orders ship in 7 days or less because over 14,000 are in stock. You will get an email with your tracking number when yours ship.

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These two Modern Greek icons show the Lord of Host, Jesus Christ, sitting in His Throne of Glory and the Virgin Mary Theotokos, or Birth-Giver of God, also seated in a throne which was prepared for her to sit at the right hand of Christ in Heaven.  Our Lord is full of all life and love, actively supports the entire Universe, gives abundant life to all who sincerely and earnestly call upon Him to heal their pride and presumption, and yet is peaceful, stable, and resting in God at all times.  So here He sits in His Throne and blesses us with His right hand to do the work we have been given in this life to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, and our neighbors as ourselves.

The Virgin Mary also sits now enthroned for she continually bares the Lord of Glory in her arms, as she bore Him in her womb so long ago.  Like the Unburnt Bush, she was filled with the fire of Divinity inside her now manifest in human form, for His Body was made flesh of her flesh with a true and full human nature, renewing all of us made in His Image and Likeness.  Her message to us today is the same as her message to all of us in the Church, His Living Body, has been in the past days since He was born on Earth, for she says, “Look to Him, for He is full of life, and our hope and salvation.”  She points the way, and holds Him with her great love and care to also show us an icon of how to live a Christian life here and in the world to come.

These two icons are very luminous as the intensity of bright gold background surrounds them with the symbol of Heavenly light, which streams from the Lord Himself.  If we live a humble life of love for God and our neighbors, then there is room for us to be with Him intimately and forever in that Heavenly Realm, for as Saint Paul says in his Epistle to the Ephesians (2:6), “And [He] hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in Heavenly place in Christ Jesus….”  May we be there with Him each day!  Amen.

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