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Icon of Emmanuel (The Saviour) (Palekh) – J93

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Emmanuel means “God with us” (from the Hebrew) and is often used to speak of Christ in His younger days.  Here the Almighty God Incarnate is seen as a Beardless Child yet is also the Ruler of the universe.  The Divine Infant’s facial features are those of an adult to portray that although He was born on earth as a little baby, He was always consciously the All-Knowing God, which awareness was not lost even for a moment.  His rulership as one of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, yet still One God, and His life with God the Father and with the Holy Spirit was also not diminished at all during His life on earth.   This is a Mystery that must be entered, not talked about, to more fully and truly understand.

The village of Palekh is in a picturesque corner of the Ivanovo county in Russia, almost directly east of Moscow.  In the 15th century it was a part of the Vladimir-Suzdal region, and became an important center of icon production and trade.   In the 18th-19th centuries Palekh’s craftsmen created their own style (fine line egg-tempera saturated with gold) and became one of the most famous and popular styles in the production of Russian icons.

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18th c. (Mid)